Building Middlesex – new uPVC Fascia and Guttering

Building MiddlesexWe were recently asked to have a look at a property in Middlesex which needed some serious attention to its guttering and old timber fascia boards. Tired old wood can look really grotty, not to mention cause all sorts of problems when the rain starts to tip down.

uPVC instead of wood

In cases such as these, we always recommend using uPVC fascia and guttering instead of working with the old materials that are there. Why? Because it’s faster, more cost-effective and lasts a whole lot longer.

uPVC fascia and guttering is so quick to install. New products are available now that make light work of replacing fascia boards and broken guttering, meaning lower labour costs for you – with no compromise on the quality of the job.

A choice of materials

At Anthony Read Building and Landscaping, we like to assess each job individually then pick the right product for the job. When we’re working on building project that involves uPVC fascia board and guttering, we’re always spoilt for choice. So we look at the job, the customer’s budget and the projected length of the project. With all this in mind, we choose the best uPVC materials for the job.

If a customer has specific preference on colour or style, we’re able to offer them a range of choices.

After all, it’s their house!

A quick installation

Using uPVC also means we builders don’t have to work on prepping old wood and repainting it until it’s fit for purpose again.

We use uPVC to speed up the job for the customer and deliver a clean, durable finish to their fascia and guttering.

Can we help?

Could your guttering do with a little bit of TLC? The team at Anthony Read is your best bet for a fantastic finish at reasonable prices.

We take care of various building work in Middlesex, so get in touch to see if we can beta any like-for-likee quotes you’ve received.

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