Flat Roofing Richmond, Twickenham

There are several roofing options used for homes and one of the most interesting happens to be the flat roof. A flat roof by definition is a roofing structure that is horizontal in shape. It is almost completely parallel to the ground save for a little slope for draining water. Depending on the site of the structure, this slope can range between 0.25 to 0.5 inches per foot. Because a slope so low tends to hold water and snow longer than steep roofs, the type of material used for its construction has to be water and weather-proof.

Uses of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are more suitable for some cases than they are for others. Here are some typical examples:

  • Cases where a pitched roof will cover other surrounding buildings and prevent light from getting to them.
  • Good for spaces where you plan to keep or dry laundry.
  • Outdoor sitting areas or other buildings not part of the general living area.

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Benefits of Using Fibreglass Flat Roofs



Unlike other methods of flat roofing, ie; felt. Fibreglass is very strong and there is a good reason why they come with a huge warranty with them.


Vs a pitched roof, the savings can be massive, not only do fibreglass roofs (using Cure It) come with a 20 year warranty, they’re far cheaper.

Cheaper and Quick Installation

You do not need a lot of materials for a flat roof, which makes it an economical option compared to the pitched roofs. The time required to install most models of the flat roofs is a lot less compared to other roof types. Part of what makes it so fast to install is reduced labour, less equipment, and fewer materials used. Once the installation process starts, there is no need to stop midway for anything.

Easy maintenance and repair

Roofs have to be inspected periodically and maintained or repaired if need be. Doing that on a flat roof is considerably easier and less stressful than on pitched roofs. This also means the frequency of checks and maintenance can also be increased since it is not a difficult task. Regular maintenance makes the roof last longer because it is kept in good shape. If there is any damage and repair is required, you need not worry. The shape of the roof makes it easy for any repair work to be done.

Gives Extra Space

The design of a flat roof opens up the building and gives room for other activities in the structure. A flat roofing system makes it easy to use all of the space in the structure adequately. Above the roof, you can grow a garden to increase the beauty and decrease the runoff of storm water. Additional relaxation space is also easily incorporated with a flat roofing system.

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GRP flat roofing system; for a durable and reliable long-lasting option when it comes to a new roof or replacing an old defective one see picture below:
Cure It is the UK’s leading GRP flat roofing system. Cure It has a proven pedigree as a high specification roofing system through a comprehensive range of test accreditations to BS and to ETAG (European Technical Approval Guidelines) standards and real-world long term specifications.

The Cure It roofing system is a complete range of GRP materials designed for roofing applications. The system is a wet-laid laminate (consisting of Reinforcement Mat saturated with Roofing Resin) applied over a securely fitted OSB3 18mm T&G deck. The perimeter of the roof and any changes in pitch are resolved with a range of GRP Edge Trims. The roof is finished with a hard-wearing Roofing Topcoat. A typical Cure It build-up:

20-year Materials Guarantee
The system comes complete with a 20-year guarantee on the materials from the manufacturer and a guarantee from the installer that the roof will remain leak-free for at least 20 years.

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